Our Passion is Building and

Growing New Businesses

Private Equity

TCG Capital is composed of a trained and experienced team of private equity experts that work towards investing in and partnering with, leading private companies in different industries, with the goal of creating sustainable long-term value and driving profitable future growth. TCG not only provides capital, but it also plays a vital role in helping companies achieve their maximum potential; it provide its expertise in the management field to help companies improve their operations and achieve both strategic and financial goals.

Private Credit

TCG’s Private Credit Division invests and bridges the working capital needs of entrepreneurs and business clients, with the growing needs for attractive returns on capital, along with actively managed strategies that current and future investors seek. It is committed to continuously and systematically construct a strong, best-in-class, Credit-Insured Asset Based Loan Portfolio. The firm selects top candidates from its current network of broad based industries and geographically diverse clients.


TCG Infrastructure’s goal is to deliver expertise and support the financing, management, development, execution and operation of international infrastructure projects that include and are not limited to public services, roads, railways, airports, etc. It is committed to providing solid returns to its investors who participate in the acquisition and optimization of these infrastructure assets, while also providing valuable direct investment that supports the development of the regional and local economies it partners with.

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